Green Hydrogen Giant “Green Energy Oman” on Track for Early 2030s Launch

Green Hydrogen Giant “Green Energy Oman” on Track for Early 2030s Launch

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Shell has revealed exciting details about Green Energy Oman (GEO), one of the largest green hydrogen projects planned for Oman. This project, expected to be operational in the early 2030s, is a testament to Oman’s commitment to clean energy.

GEO: A Major Player in Green Hydrogen

GEO, led by Shell as the operating partner, is among the first wave of large-scale renewable hydrogen projects in Oman. Backed by a multinational consortium, it has been allocated a significant land block by the Omani government. Notably, GEO ranks among the biggest clean energy projects in Shell’s global portfolio.

Project Details and Scope

  • Production: Up to 1.8 million tonnes of green hydrogen per year at full capacity.
  • Power Source: 25 GW of solar and wind energy.
  • Partners: Shell (lead), OQ Alternative Energy (Oman), InterContinental Energy (Singapore), EnerTech (Kuwait), and Golden Wellspring Wealth for Trading.
  • Location: Block Z1-04 in Al Wusta Governorate.
  • First Phase Target: 150,000 tonnes of green hydrogen per year from 4 GW of renewable energy.
  • End Product: Green hydrogen, convertible to 10 million tonnes of green ammonia annually.

Beyond Green Hydrogen: Exploring Liquefied Synthetic Gas (LSG)

Shell, demonstrating its commitment to Oman’s decarbonization goals, is also exploring LSG production. LSG is a clean alternative to natural gas, created by combining captured carbon dioxide with renewable hydrogen. This low-carbon gas can be used in existing gas infrastructure, including Oman LNG’s facilities.

Looking Ahead: A Sustainable Future for Oman

Shell’s investments in Oman, including GEO and LSG, showcase the potential of clean energy technologies. These projects can significantly contribute to Oman’s decarbonization goals and pave the way for a more sustainable future.

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