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Potential for commercialization of Oman ‘green mineral’ resources

Image Source: ScienceDirect Mineral ores at the heart of modern technologies driving the global energy transition can be found in abundance in the Sultanate of Oman, says the Ministry of Energy and Minerals. Sustainable commercialisation of these ores can help unlock substantial deposits of nickel, lithium, cobalt, rare earth minerals, Platinum Group Metals (PGMs), copper, […]
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Oman targets 11 PPP projects for implementation in 2024

Image Source: Oman Times The Omani government has announced plans to progress the implementation of as many as 11 sizable projects and initiatives under its strategic Public-Private Partnership (PPP) programme during 2024. The projects in question, outlined in the 2024 State Budget, span several sectors, including Transport & Logistics, Health, Education, Agriculture and Fisheries, Construction, […]
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