Experts & Advisory Board

 Our team of seasoned professionals represents the pinnacle of knowledge and innovation in the energy sector

Step into a realm where expertise meets vision. Our experts of seasoned professionals represents the pinnacle of knowledge and innovation in the energy sector. Each member brings a unique blend of experience and insight, creating a mosaic of brilliance that drives our mission forward. Dive in and discover the trailblazers charting the course to our sustainable future.

Professor Dawud Ansari

Professor Dawud has keen expertise in energy, geopolitics, sustainable development, foresight, and political ‎economy, He focus on global and Arab world related issues, especially the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and Yemen. My projects include pioneering work on the geopolitics of hydrogen, the energy-conflict nexus, and economic dynamics ‎in the GCC countries.‎ At the think-tank German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP) Berlin, he research those issues, translate them into policy, and ‎spearhead international dialogues. As the he condisered as founder and director of the Energy Access and Development Project (EADP), Dr. Dawud implement and ‎research complex development projects, predominantly in Yemen’s energy and water sector. ‎Aside from honorary positions at the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW) in Berlin and the Foundation Nord-Süd-Brücken, I lecture at TU Berlin and consult for clients in Europe and the Middle East. Joining AGYA allows him to foster Arab-Arab-German collaboration, uniting academic, private, and public ‎institutions from both regions. Dr. Dawud can be engaged in interdisciplinary research projects linking topics ‎such as hydrogen economics and social dynamics in the Arab countries and Germany.‎

Dr Saif Al Ghafri

Dr Saif Al Ghafri’ s expertise lies in thermophysical properties and fluid science studies, with a record of experimental and modelling excellence, postdoctoral candidate supervision and on-time delivery of large scale industrial projects. Saif has worked on multiple research projects funded by global industry partners such as Shell Development Australia, Chevron Energy Technology Company, the Gas Processors Associations, Schlumberger, Qatar Petroleum, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Samsung Heavy Industry. His current research activities include hydrogen economy and liquid hydrogen, Boil-Off-Gas studies for LNG and LH2 storage and transportation, and measurement and modelling of fluid and thermophysical properties of mixtures relevant to oil and gas production, liquefied natural gas (LNG) processing, carbon dioxide sequestration, space industry, enhanced oil recovery, new generation refrigerants, natural gas hydrates and biodiesel production.

Dr. Abdulrahman Baboraik

Academic Researcher & Technical Consultant in Renewable Energy. Has 10 years of experience in renewable energy (1350MW) and power engineering. CEO& Founder of Arab Renewable Energy Academy – ARABRENA portal which aims to raise awareness on renewable energy technologies in the MENA region and provides training and capacity building programs in the field of renewable energy. Expert in conducting plans and studies associated with implementation of renewable energy technologies and development of renewable energy projects. Worked as the main technical consultant & expert (in more than 27 Industrial and R&D projects) with regional and international companies and organizations such as Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy - Germany, QSTech-PwC, Gulf Renewable Lab and etc. Holder of five patents and 32 papers and conference proceedings. Has outstanding teaching& training skills. Since 2022, has become a Board Member, Arab Council for Sustainable Energy.

Professor Bob Ursem

Professor Bob URSEM, with a PhD in Applied Physics and a Master's in Tropical Ecology and Botany, is a distinguished figure in environmental science. His tenure at top institutions like Delft University of Technology has been marked by significant contributions, particularly as a scientific director at Hortus Botanicus. Renowned for developing innovative ultra-fine dust removal systems and a respected author and patent holder, his work profoundly influences sustainable technology and ecological conservation. Professor Bob's expertise makes him an invaluable asset in the field of environmental innovation

Benno Wiersma

Benno Wiersma is a renowned figure in renewable energy and sustainable development. Educated at Erasmus University and further trained at the London School of Economics, he has spearheaded initiatives in solar energy, nuclear reactors, and hydrogen development. His work spans groundbreaking projects in nanotechnology, battery innovations, and sustainable real estate, cementing his status as a key influencer in Europe's renewable energy landscape

Lionel H. J. Rabin

Lionel is a green Hydrogen and Infrastructures Development strategist, Middle East and Africa expert, Non-executive director of international boards. He can create pioneering business strategies balancing value to all stakeholders, and generate sustainable growth for the companies. His competencies and experience include decarbonised energies production and storage (e.g. green and blue hydrogen), business development strategy definition and implementation, market entry, M & A, business integration and performance enhancement, public-private partnership development. Geographic coverage: Europe, Middle East, and Africa. Lionel is a founder & CEO of Haltiqa consultanig company and he is a chemicals engineer by background with 34 years of successful business development and P&L management in the downstream industry (industrial gases and chemicals) throughout the world. Lionel has been executive directors of several Boards of Directors of companies in Saudi Arabia, Oman, UAE and Egypt.

Mariya Al Toubi

Mariya Al Toubi is a skilled chemical and process analyst in hydrogen, renewables, energy efficiency, and wider sustainability aspects. She has worked in projects with Oman Sustainability Center, Petroleum Development Oman, International Energy Agency and more. Mariya excels in developing transition scenarios, conducting techno-economic and macro-economic analyses, and is skilled in research and data analysis.