We offer solutions and studies across the entire renewable energy& hydrogen value chain. We support institutions and companies on their way to a more sustainable future not only in Oman but in the whole MENA region.


In a world where energy is the currency of progress, visionaries from across the world converged with a precise goal: to reimagine the energy market, and in doing so, propel investor value. Spanning from policy architects to industry forerunners, we are a distinguished group that recognize a critical truth: the approach to harnessing new energies vastly differs from traditional oil and gas. Born from this realization was our consultancy—an institution with the dual purpose of a think-and-do tank, relentlessly committed to crafting unique strategies to redefine and uplift producer economies in the region.

Our legacy is a mosaic of dedication and foresight. Throughout our journey, we’ve been more than mere forecasters of energy trends; we’ve been pioneers, carving innovative routes, setting ambitious markers, and kindling groundbreaking shifts.


At the crossroads of the ever-evolving energy market, our philosophy is steadfast and crystal clear—embracing collective intelligence, pioneering authentic solutions, and maintaining a laser-focus on market and investor dynamics.

Collaborative Synergy: In an intricate energy sector, collective expertise is paramount. Our collaborative ethos breeds not just solutions, but market-driven innovations that resonate with the pulse of global demand and investor expectations.

Tailored Pioneering: The age of cookie-cutter solutions is over. While others might opt for the convenience of copy-paste, we thrive on crafting original, genuine strategies. The new energy frontier demands it, and our clients deserve nothing less.

Legacy Thinking with a Twist: While our gaze is set firmly on the future, we recognize that the rulebook for new energies is distinct from traditional oil and gas. We’re not just visionaries; we’re informed realists, grounding our strategies in the unique nuances of emerging energy markets.

Ethical Stewardship & Investor Value: As stewards of the energy domain, we champion solutions that marry ethical responsibility with tangible investor value. Every recommendation, every strategy, is designed to bolster producer economies, ensuring sustained growth and profitability.

Unyielding Curiosity & Originality: Our mantra is simple: Stay curious, stay original. This relentless quest ensures that we’re not only at the forefront of energy advancements but also pioneering strategies that are authentic to each challenge.

Armed with these guiding tenets, we stand poised to shape the future of energy, offering unparalleled expertise and distinctive solutions tailored for the complexities of today’s energy landscape.

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Vision & Mission

From our rich tapestry of experience and our unwavering commitment to pioneering bespoke energy solutions, we pivot to our overarching aspiration and directive. This journey, carved from the past and molded by our philosophy, naturally evolves into a focused vision and mission for the future. A vision and mission that not only encapsulates our ethos but also outlines our strategic blueprint for the region’s energy future. 

Our Vision

To be the leading voice to shaping a practical, competitive, and sustainable energy future for the region.

Our Mission

To be at the heart of the regional and global dialogue on energy, working collaboratively with governments and industry to drive inclusive and sustainable solutions for a rapidly evolving energy landscape.

i.  Be a hub for national, regional, and international dialogue on sustainable energy, energy policy, energy technologies, supply chains, and competitive financing.
ii.  Accelerate the growth of innovative and sustainable solutions at pace and scale in the region.
iii. Shape up the energy geopolitics of tomorrow
iv. Promote knowledge sharing and capacity building
v.  Foster the development of low-carbon clusters and build the foundations for the industrial clusters of tomorrow

Sustainable, Reliable & Affordable Energy!

We offer solutions and studies across the entire renewable energy& hydrogen value chain.