Oman Ramps Up Wind Power Plans to Boost Renewable Energy Goals

Oman Ramps Up Wind Power Plans to Boost Renewable Energy Goals

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Oman’s Nama Power & Water Procurement Company (PWP) has significantly expanded its wind power ambitions. They announced plans to acquire five wind power plants with a combined capacity of 1,171 MW, nearly double the previously announced total.

Project Details:

  • Five wind power plants with a total capacity of 1,171 MW:
    • Dhofar 2: 132 MW
    • Sadah: 99 MW
    • Duqm: 270 MW
    • Mahout: 400 MW (New Project)
    • Jaalan Bani Bu Ali: 270 MW (Increased Capacity)
  • Expected completion by 2027
  • Aims to contribute to Oman’s target of 30% renewable energy by 2030

Boosting Renewable Energy and Net-Zero Goals:

This ambitious project marks a significant step towards Oman’s renewable energy goals. Wind power will play a crucial role in achieving the target of 30% renewable energy in the electricity mix by 2030 and ultimately reaching net-zero emissions by 2050.

Changes from Previous Plans:

The new announcement supersedes the plans outlined in Nama PWP’s 2022-28 Seven Year Statement. Originally, they planned to acquire three wind projects with a combined capacity of 400 MW. This revision reflects a more aggressive approach to wind power development.

Project Expertise:

To ensure successful execution, Nama PWP has assembled a team of experienced advisors, including KPMG Lower Gulf (financial), Dentons (legal), and Worley (technical).

Oman’s Renewable Energy Landscape:

With these new projects, wind power will become a major player in Oman’s energy mix. Previously, solar photovoltaic power plants contributed the majority of renewable energy, accounting for roughly 6% of the country’s electricity production capacity in 2023.

This expansion demonstrates Oman’s commitment to a sustainable future by harnessing clean wind energy to diversify its energy sources and reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

Source: Evwind

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