Oman Pushes for Sustainable Development with Renewable Energy and Service Improvements

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Oman Pushes for Sustainable Development with Renewable Energy and Service Improvements

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The Authority for Public Services Regulation (APSR) is leading the charge in Oman’s transition towards a sustainable future. They recently unveiled four key initiatives aimed at boosting service quality, energy efficiency, and renewable energy adoption.

Rewarding Reliability, Embracing Renewables

The first initiative focuses on accountability. If electricity providers fail to meet pre-defined quality standards, consumers will receive direct compensation on their bills. This incentivizes reliable service delivery.

In a significant step towards clean energy, APSR announced the establishment of five new wind power stations, totaling a massive 1,006MW of additional capacity. These stations are located in Dhofar 2 (132MW), Sadah (99MW), Duqm (270MW), Mahout (400MW), and Jaalan Bani Bu Ali (105MW). This expansion demonstrates Oman’s commitment to diversifying energy sources and reducing dependence on fossil fuels.

Boosting Efficiency and Transparency

The third initiative introduces a “spot selling project” within Oman’s electricity market. This aims to attract investments by streamlining the purchasing process and fostering transparency between consumers and power plants.

Enhancing Services and Empowering Businesses

Dr. Mansour bin Talib al Hinai, Chairman of APSR, highlighted several positive developments for consumers. Residential and commercial users will benefit from a significant 70% reduction in water service connection fees. Additionally, service delivery timelines have been drastically improved, with water connection now taking just nine days and electricity connection taking only two days.

APSR is also prioritizing the role of small and medium enterprises (SMEs). They have allocated RO73 million worth of projects to SMEs within the electricity, water & sanitation, and natural gas transportation sectors. This fosters economic growth and empowers local businesses.

Customer Focus and Technological Advancements

APSR prioritizes customer satisfaction. They report resolving 91% of customer complaints, with a 40% reduction in response time. Furthermore, the enactment of the Water and Sanitation Regulation Law in 2023 provides a robust legal framework for the sector.

Technological advancements are also playing a key role. Actual meter reading rates have increased significantly, with over 676,000 smart meters installed in the electricity sector and over 332,000 in the water sector.

Finally, Dr. Hinai emphasized the importance of the critical electrical interconnection project connecting Oman’s north and south. This project will optimize energy usage and reduce carbon emissions by an estimated 32,000 tonnes annually.

By focusing on service improvements, renewable energy adoption, and technological advancements, APSR is propelling Oman towards a sustainable and prosperous future.

Source: Solarquarter

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