Oman, Port of Amsterdam to study liquid hydrogen corridor

Oman, Port of Amsterdam to study liquid hydrogen corridor

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The government of Oman and the Port of Amsterdam will explore the development of a liquid hydrogen supply corridor to facilitate the export of green hydrogen from the Sultanate to the Dutch port and onwards to Europe.

Oman’s Ministry of Energy and Minerals, state-owned company Hydrogen Oman (Hydrom), the Port of Amsterdam, Zenith Energy Terminals and GasLog have signed a joint study agreement to partner on the development of what would be the world’s first commercial-scale liquid hydrogen route.

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As part of the agreement, the partners will evaluate the necessary conditions for establishing an open-access hydrogen liquefaction, storage, and export facility in Oman. This facility will also enable the exploration of hydrogen export routes to other global markets for the Sultanate’s government.

The cooperation involves also the utilisation of specialised vessels, currently in development by GasLog. These vessels will transport the liquid hydrogen to Zenith Energy’s terminal in Amsterdam, where it will undergo regasification. Subsequently, the regasified hydrogen will be distributed to local offtakers within the port of Amsterdam and large industry customers in the European hinterland.

The agreement was inked during COP 28 in Dubai and builds on a memorandum signed by the two countries a year ago. During COP 27 in Egypt, Oman and the Netherlands agreed to advance their bilateral collaboration to support companies to establish import and export corridors, as well as to strengthen cooperation on import and export facilities for clean hydrogen.


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