Oman’s Nama Power To Launch 1000 MW Solar PV Project By 2029

Oman’s Nama Power To Launch 1000 MW Solar PV Project By 2029

Image Source: Oman Observer

Nama Power & Water Procurement Company (Nama PWP), the exclusive purchaser of power and water output in Oman, has unveiled plans for a substantial new solar PV-based Independent Power Project (IPP) named ‘Solar PV IPPs 2029’.

Scheduled for launch in 2029, this ambitious venture will encompass a combined capacity of 1000 MW, consisting of two IPPs with individual capacities of 500 MW each.

The procurement strategy for this project follows a similar approach to recent awards, including the Manah I & II Solar PV IPPs, which secured a total of 500 MW capacity for simultaneous development at a site in the Wilayat of Manah.

PWP’s 7-Year Statement, outlining the electricity demand forecast from 2023 to 2029, explains that ‘Solar PV IPPs 2029’ aims to achieve single awards for each site, granted to separate developers.

With an anticipated maximum contracted capacity of approximately 500 MW per project using PV technology, this initiative aligns with PWP’s overarching goal of obtaining 30% of Oman’s power needs from renewables by 2030. This upcoming project follows the ‘MIS Solar IPP 2027’, a 500 MW utility-scale solar PV endeavor intended for Al Wusta Governorate.

The initiation of procurement for the fifth solar PV project within PWP’s renewable energy initiative is anticipated to start in 2025, with the aim of achieving commercial operation by 2027.

The ‘Ibri III Solar IPP’, part of a series alongside the operational Ibri II Solar IPP, aims to contribute to Oman’s solar power capacity. The Manah I and Manah II Solar PV IPPs are also part of this plan, with commercial launch dates set for 2025.

By 2029, Oman aims to achieve a solar PV generation capacity of around 3,500 MW. This will be complemented by an estimated 800 MW of wind-based generation from new wind farm projects planned across various governorates.


Source: Solarquarter

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