Hydrogen Oman Advances Green Hydrogen Sector With Key Agreements

Hydrogen Oman Advances Green Hydrogen Sector With Key Agreements

Image Source: Mercom India

Hydrogen Oman (Hydrom), the entity leading Oman’s green hydrogen sector, showcased its steadfast commitment to developing the nation’s green hydrogen industry during the Green Hydrogen Summit Oman 2023.

On the summit’s inaugural day, Hydrom announced three significant agreements. These include allocating a green hydrogen block to the SalalaH2 consortium, signing an MoU with Siemens Energy and Oman Investment Authority for an electrolyser manufacturing facility, and partnering with Asyad Group to enhance the logistics sector for large-scale hydrogen projects. These initiatives underscore Hydrom’s dedication to Oman’s energy transition and growth objectives.

The SalalaH2 project, a collaboration with global entities, aims to produce over 4GW of renewable energy, contributing to Oman’s 2030 production targets.

Another MoU focuses on exploring an electrolyser manufacturing facility in Oman, emphasizing the potential for local industrial and economic growth in the hydrogen value chain.

The collaboration with Asyad Group aims to create a robust domestic supply chain, facilitating the seamless deployment of hydrogen solutions and supporting Oman’s Vision 2040 ambitions.

Hydrom’s Managing Director, Abdulaziz al Shidhani, expressed pride in the progress and emphasized the potential of Oman’s hydrogen value chain.

The three-day summit convenes global energy leaders to advance efforts for a thriving and commercially viable clean hydrogen industry.



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