Oman’s journey to net zero by 2050

Oman’s journey to net zero by 2050

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The country’s ruler, Sultan Haitham, has said it can reach the net-zero emissions goal by 2050. The regional agenda address at Cop28 in Dubai has been eagerly anticipated as a chance to showcase that work. “Every speech his majesty makes stresses the necessity to move to Net Zero by 2050. ”

Ahmed Al Naumani, an Omani delegate to Cop28, said the country sees itself as a supplier of materials that boost renewables or store energy and are in increasing demand in the push to net zero.

“Essentially, we brand ourselves as enabling transition,” Mr Al Naumani said. “How we enable the transition is delivering net positive energy as we can also decarbonise the output that we have because net zero means all emissions that are unabated are offset somehow.”

Another display at the pavilion features hunks of stone and material such as silica that can be used in batteries for electric storage.

Another highlight of Oman’s ambitions to capitalise on climate change demand is green hydrogen, where the sultan has announced ambitious targets.

“The objective I think is one million tonnes of green hydrogen by the end of this decade or a bit earlier and more probably 10 times more in the decades to come,” he said. “The geopolitical position we have … I think we are definitely a net positive in terms of when you have more energy than we need.”


Source: [N]COP28

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