Under the contract, Hydrogen Systems will be responsible for the detailed engineering, procurement, quality assurance and control (Factory Acceptance Test) of electrolysers, compression, storage, chilling and dispensing. It will also be responsible for all associated subsystems – utilities, interconnecting piping, safety, communications, electrical, control and instrumentation – for a green hydrogen generation and refueling station in Muscat.

“This collaboration with a leading global energy company like Shell further consolidates Hydrogen Systems’ position as a leader in the hydrogen technology sector, leveraging its expertise and innovative solutions to advance the adoption of hydrogen as a clean and sustainable energy source,” said Sattam Alsuwailem, CEO of Hydrogen Systems.

Commenting on the milestone, Walid Hadi, VP and Country Chairman of Oman Shell, said, “We are excited to get to yet another tangible step in realising Oman’s first hydrogen station. This station will become the first Shell station worldwide to have the hydrogen production plant on site. This will allow for maximum energy efficiency and for us in Oman Shell to be a pace setter in the hydrogen industry in Oman.”

Earlier in March, Oman Shell and Oman Airports announced land allocation for Shell’s Green Hydrogen for Mobility project.

The land assigned for the project is owned by Civil Aviation Authority and is located near Muscat International Airport.

At the time, Hadi informed that the station will be partially solar-powered and include multiple mobility solutions, including electric vehicle charging units, hydrogen fuelling units as well as other fuelling products and non-fuel retail products and services.

The station is expected to be on stream in 2024, it was announced in March. In Phase 1 of Green Hydrogen for Mobility, Oman Shell signed an agreement with Oman Airports in 2022 to give 15 hydrogen cars to Oman Airports and to build a hydrogen station near the airport.

“Introduction of hydrogen cars to our fleet and having a state-of-the-art hydrogen station set up near Muscat airport will be a major step towards a more sustainable future for Oman, in line with Oman Vision 2040 and the sultanate’s Net Zero by 2050 ambitions,” said Sheikh Aimen al Hosni, CEO of Oman Airports.