Green Hydrogen

We offer solutions and studies across the entire green hydrogen value chain. We support institutions, governments, and companies on their way to a more sustainable future not only in Oman but in the whole MENA region.

MCREEE has deep and broad experience in green hydrogen across the supply chain starting from the planning/development to decommissioning stage. Our capabilities include R&D, technology assessment, strategic analysis, institutional studies, and consulting services.


Hydrogen is fuelling the journey towards a cleaner energy future. A low/no emissions alternative to traditional fossil fuels, hydrogen has diverse applications for transportation, manufacturing, household energy, and other uses. It also represents a golden opportunity to maximise the benefits of investment in renewables like wind and solar (and address intermittency challenges) through its role as an energy ‘carrier’.

Many countries in MENA have very strong potential for wind energy that is often overlooked and a great potential for solar power, and they (Oman, Egypt, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, etc.) have the means to become the principal exporter of hydrogen to Europe in 2050 thanks to an existing natural gas pipeline which could be adapted to transport hydrogen.

Many Oil and Gas exporters countries in MENA also benefit from sunbaked and available land with the potential to produce millions of tonnes of low-cost green hydrogen in 2050 – which is several times their domestic demand – that would help diversify their economy away from petroleum, according to the report.

By 2050 North Africa and some Arabic countries could become a leading exporter of green hydrogen with Europe its main market. By 2050, according to Deloitte, the main green hydrogen exporters are likely to be North Africa ($110 billion per year), North America ($63 billion), Australia ($39 billion) and the Middle East ($20 billion).

For instance, Oman plans to produce 1 million tonnes of green hydrogen per year by 2030. The target is from 32,500 to 3.75 million tonnes per year by 2040 and from 3.5 to 8.5 million tonnes per year by 2050.

MCREEE provides comprehensive strategy and consulting services for the hydrogen sector in the MENA region. MCREEE experience spans the life cycle of a hydrogen  project from the development/planning stage to the decommissioning stage. With over 12 years of MCREEE expert experience in RE feasibility assessments, project development, and construction management, MCREEE uses its expertise to guide green hydrogen project owners, policymakers, developers, and investors.


Our solar energy services include:

Consulting Services

Feasibility assessments, detailed environmental and jurisdictional constraint analyses on brown and greenfield areas of interest, solar technology optimization assessments, energy output assessments, due diligence reviews to determine risk and profitability of investment, green hydrogen storage, transportation, utiliaztion, energy balance analysis, feasibility studies, renewable energy mix scinariou, ICV-ِAnalysis of green hydrogen projects.

Strategic Analysis & Studies

MCREEE supports the development of analysis, tools, and data resources that reduce the cost of utilization of hydrogen technologies in various sectors and economies. This includes an emphasis on studies that reduce the soft costs of green hydrogen like the costs associated with permitting, siting, storage, transportation, utiliaztion, or financing a system, which often are the result of information gaps that slow decision-making and increase costs.

We offer a range of strategic and technical consultancy services to hydrogen project investors, developers and governments, including:

We Offer!

We offer solutions and studies across the entire solar energy value chain. We support institutions, governments, and companies on their way to a more sustainable future not only in Oman but in the whole MENA region.

Sustainability Audits

Life Cycle Assessment

Supply Chain Consulting

Consult & Planning

Technology& Innovation Assessment

Energy Modeling and Simulation

Carbon Footprint & Decarbonization Analysis

Regulatory Compliance Assistance

Risk Assessment

Green Certification

Energy Storage Solutions

Training & Workshops

Technology Readiness Level

Impact Studies

Policy Analysis

Technical & Economic feasibility

Strategy development

Manufacturing Studies

Market Analysis

Climate Resilience

Economic Impact Analysis

Stakeholder Collaboration

Water-Energy Nexus

Renewable Energy Mix Scenario

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We offer products, solutions, and services across the entire energy value chain. We support our customers on their way to a more sustainable future – no matter how far along the journey to energize society with affordable energy systems.

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