OQ Gas Networks Partners With Fluxys To Advance Hydrogen In Oman

OQ Gas Networks Partners With Fluxys To Advance Hydrogen In Oman

Image Source: Gpca

OQ Gas Networks (OQGN), Oman’s gas transportation company, has taken a significant step toward advancing low-carbon energy infrastructure in the country.

The company has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Fluxys, a Belgian-based energy infrastructure group, to explore collaborations in hydrogen and carbon dioxide (CO2) infrastructure projects within Oman.

OQGN’s Managing Director, Mansoor al Abdali, and Fluxys CEO Pascal De Buck signed the partnership agreement, emphasizing OQGN’s commitment to renewable energy and decarbonization infrastructure in Oman.

Fluxys, an Anchor Investment in OQGN, recently acquired a 4.9% stake during OQGN’s initial public offering. As Oman’s sole owner and operator of a vast gas transportation network, OQGN is strategically positioned to support the development of hydrogen and CO2 pipeline networks, critical for Oman’s transition to a green-energy future.

OQGN has also partnered with Hydrom to explore a pipeline network for green hydrogen transportation and storage and intends to play a role in CO2 capture and sequestration initiatives.

Fluxys, an independent energy infrastructure group, specializes in the transport of natural gas, hydrogen, biomethane, and other low-carbon energy carriers, as well as CO2.

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